Step back in time to explore the goldrush legacy of boomtowns Ballarat and Bendigo.

Victoria is a state rich in storied history and that’s particularly true in the Goldfields. The discovery of untold riches buried just below the surface of the region’s sheep-grazing land transformed the new colony during the 1850’s. Fortunes were made overnight and thousands flocked to the area hoping for their own shot at a brave new world of wealth.

Pockets lined with gold meant money to burn and the rapidly growing cities of Ballarat and Bendigo were immediate beneficiaries as the proceeds were funnelled into magnificent architectural advances and glorious botanical gardens. A multicultural transformation occurred as prospectors from all over the globe brought their own way of life with them.

Acacia will guide you through this bountiful land glittering with the legacy of the region’s gold.  Admire the marvellous Victorian architecture on show in both inland cities. Take in botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuaries.  Visit open-air Sovereign Hill in Ballarat or the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo. Both allow a time traveller’s insight – a palpable sense of what life must have been like for those swept up by the vagaries of gold rush fever.

And then find yourself right back in the here and now as Acacia introduces you to the contemporary food and wine scene striking gold all over again.

Ballarat and Sovereign Hill

Witness the grand legacy of the Victorian gold rush in this graceful regional city